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The Dating Game

April 2, 2014


Being a new mom requires a lot of things. Patience, perseverance and coffee. Lots of coffee. But if you are in anything similar to my situation… it also requires you to start dating again. But this time it’s a whole new level of dating. The stakes are higher. The pool is much smaller. Also, you […]

Sock it to Me

March 3, 2014


There are a few things that surprise me as a new mom. For example: How many times I can say “no” in a day. In an afternoon. In an hour… Surely I must be up for a Guinness World Record..? How quickly little humans grow out of clothes. Overnight? Really? How a little human body […]

Happy Moms Day

May 12, 2013


My first mothers day – could it be? I’m a mom? No shit, that’s me. Somedays I still can’t believe that I’m a mom… That I actually gave birth to a spawn. How I now can’t remember life before him, the days of partying until dawn on a whim. Unmentionable things used to give me […]

Addicted to Cup Holders

May 11, 2013


I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to cup holders. I bitch obsessively when the zip car we rent dosent have adequate cup holding capabilities. I’ve been known to complain while in others people’s car when there isn’t an accessible holder. Ive even asked the stewardess why there arent cup holders on airplanes. Quite simply – I […]