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The Triple Crown

June 2, 2013


Very Inspiring Blogger Award Holy Hell. Another Award! I didn’t even know that there was another award. What I am more shocked at is that you people actually like to read my rambles, rants, and tirades. You are sooo messed up. Welcome to the club. Big props to Real Life Mom Blog for nominating NATM […]

Blue Bags

May 28, 2013


Ladies and gentleman – we went to Ikea. Is there no greater hell on earth than the Saturday Ikea crowd? The answer simply… No. The reason for going – we needed an umbrella. The reason we need an umbrella – Is scary. We live in an apartment on a high floor and are lucky enough […]

Baby Tires

May 24, 2013


Our little man Jolly Green (Giant) has bypassed his original nickname. He now can only be referred to as the Hulk. Not only because he favors green veggies over the orange ones, but because he’s no longer Jolly Huge…he’s incredibly huge. The Incredible Hulk he is. The realization came when changing him this morning…as his […]

Addicted to Cup Holders

May 11, 2013


I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to cup holders. I bitch obsessively when the zip car we rent dosent have adequate cup holding capabilities. I’ve been known to complain while in others people’s car when there isn’t an accessible holder. Ive even asked the stewardess why there arent cup holders on airplanes. Quite simply – I […]

I Hate Teeth

May 5, 2013


  I have bad teeth. Actually, bad is an understatement.  I have horrifically horrible are-you-sure-your-not-a-drug-addict teeth.   I have had countless cavities, abscesses, and root-canals. I’ve chipped, broken and cracked many. I’ve had or have braces, retainers and bridges. I have more porcelain in my mouth than you grandma has in her cabinet, minus the floral pattern.   I know more […]

Pinterest Makes me Feel Like Shit

April 28, 2013


Does this happen to anyone else? You click onto Pinterest and see literally 60,000 other moms postings amazing Lil Sally and Johnny crafty art projects, games, activities, recipes, picture ideas, and whatever the fuck else – and then you feel like shit. I missed out on doing/eating/playing these cool _____ (insert here) with my son and now […]

Another One?! Versatile Blogger Award

April 25, 2013


Another award? For this shit? Really???!? The Dissocial Mom at nominated NATM for the Versatile Blogger award. We feel honored, humbled, and slightly scared. I’m completely joking…I love writing and glad that there are crazy people like me out there. Cheers! It’s nice to know that I’m not alone.   The rules for the […]

Things I Googled this Week Vol. 2

April 22, 2013


Things I actually, shit you not, Googled this week: Volume 2 do babies eat salmon salmon baby recipes how to buy salmon how to cook salmon how to get salmon smell out of apartment what does a mango look like how to tell if mango is ripe baby recipes with mango baby cold symptoms how […]

The Clapper

April 20, 2013


Another milestone. Lil’ Johnny clapped today! He watched with studious intrigue as I showed him the mechanics of a clap: Me: “Arms out then together…Clap! Arms out then together.. Clap! Arms out, then together. The clapper. Clap on clap off…the clapper. Clap on clap off…the clapper!” Lil’ Johnny then mimicked my motion with a giggle. […]

A Lotta Diaper Love

April 18, 2013


And I thought I couldn’t love this company more….! Pretty amazing stuff from a pretty amazing company. From in response to my latest post:, you surprised me yet once again. Next diaper change, you will be in my thoughts my friend. Cheers, NATM