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Things I Googled this Week Vol. 2

April 22, 2013


Things I actually, shit you not, Googled this week: Volume 2 do babies eat salmon salmon baby recipes how to buy salmon how to cook salmon how to get salmon smell out of apartment what does a mango look like how to tell if mango is ripe baby recipes with mango baby cold symptoms how […]

The Clapper

April 20, 2013


Another milestone. Lil’ Johnny clapped today! He watched with studious intrigue as I showed him the mechanics of a clap: Me: “Arms out then together…Clap! Arms out then together.. Clap! Arms out, then together. The clapper. Clap on clap off…the clapper. Clap on clap off…the clapper!” Lil’ Johnny then mimicked my motion with a giggle. […]

A Lotta Diaper Love

April 18, 2013


And I thought I couldn’t love this company more….! Pretty amazing stuff from a pretty amazing company. From in response to my latest post:, you surprised me yet once again. Next diaper change, you will be in my thoughts my friend. Cheers, NATM

An Ode to the Big D

April 17, 2013


An Ode to the big D,, oh how I love thee. Saving my ass once again in an emergency. Without you I would be screwed, My baby’s behind naked and rude, diaperless and without feed he would be With a probable visit from the authorities. You never judge my shopping list which you must […]

The Liebster Award

April 14, 2013


So we were given an award…does that mean it’s all downhill from here? Not a Typical Mom was given the Liebster award from Rollin’ with the Fruit Punches. The Liebster award is German for “favorite” or “dearest” and is given to new blogs by fellow bloggers who like their work. I feel honored, flattered, and […]

The First Cold War

April 13, 2013


Ladies and gentlemen, sound the air raids. We have entered the cold war. Lil Johnny has his first cold. And because that’s not enough he is also teething. Bodily fluids running rampant down his face constantly. Is that snot? Is that drool? It doesn’t matter – they have joined forces and are retaliating on our […]

Spring Cleaning

April 7, 2013


This morning while playing with Lil Johnny on the floor I looked across the room and noticed our dog was under a chair. I called to her. No answer. I called again – The dog was unresponsive. Concerned, I went to check on her and realized that it wasn’t our dog… It was, in fact, […]

Bugaboo Brigade

April 5, 2013


Bugaboo Brigade Today I received an email inviting me to the launch party of the new Bugaboo Andy Warhol limited edition stroller. How did I get invited to this? I have no idea. I actually thought that maybe it was a joke at first. We don’t own a Bugaboo. And we have forgotten how to […]

April Drools Day

April 2, 2013


Puddles of drool on the floor, Salvia stained shirts – dry cleaning bill soars. Dog loving it – licking up every last drop, As gross as that is – at least we don’t have to fucking mop. Teeth are coming soon, one is in sight, Screwing up everyone, not sleeping at night. Another year of […]

Sweet Things that Give Me a Toothache

March 31, 2013


Sweet Things that give me a Toothache Let me list a few: Cosmopolitans, Bubble Yum, Jolly Ranchers, and the current baby clothes assortment that can be found in any department store. Why the pastel colors? Why the cutesie animals and soft on the eyes sweet innocent looks?    This shit gives me a toothache.    […]