The Dating Game

Posted on April 2, 2014


Being a new mom requires a lot of things.
Patience, perseverance and coffee. Lots of coffee.

But if you are in anything similar to my situation… it also requires you to start dating again.

But this time it’s a whole new level of dating. The stakes are higher. The pool is much smaller. Also, you rarely get dinner.
What is worse? You’re not getting laid at the end.

I’m of course talking about dating finding new mom friends.

It starts with a mommy and me class. Then a meet-up at the local playground. And if you can stand to talk to each other long enough to enjoy a coffee – you have likely hit a home run. When the friendship grows there are more meet ups, lunch, maybe a play date in each other’s home.
In heterosexual dating this is the equivalent to getting laid.

A friendship.

Someone who you can stand. They can stand you. And (hopefully) likes wine. Check all three and you won the lottery.

Welcome to mommy dating USA.

When Lil Johnny was born I quickly realized mom friends are essential. A mom friend helps you through parenting. Someone who you can bitch to. Relate to. Possible friends for your kids. A drinking buddy while the kids are running amok.

See none of my friends had children when I did. I was on a Solo mission with a capital S.

I had to learn the ropes. The classes, the dating, the trial and error.
It sucked.
There is a major difference between significant other dating and mom dating.

See, Being a mom changes you. Duh.

Becoming a mom is the most amazing thing that will ever happen to a person.
But it sometimes brings out the worst in a person.

The tireless, sleepless nights, money woes, lack of time, and every day worries and stress of not trying to kill the miniature human being you created can turn even the most even keel person on their head.

Then you have the other side. The moms that are always in fierce competition, that make judgmental observations, and where high school type cliques reign supreme.

Simply put – some moms are assholes.

I guess some things don’t change . It’s hard finding the perfect relationship. Some men are assholes too.
And I still don’t put out on the first date. But if you feed me wine I may consider it.

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