Vacation Daze

Posted on January 24, 2014


We’re here, the most depressing, cold, gray, financially recovering month of the year.
I hate you January.

I need a vacation.

I always try to plan a vacation in January. This is actually the most idiotic thing I could do; we never have money in January. We spent it all on HoHoHos and holiday cheer. Awesome.

I need a break from these negative zero temperatures and the negative attitude from everyone. I need a break from the diet talk and busy gyms. I need a break after from all the holiday planning and ridiculousness.
A break it must be.

Armed with a computer in one hand and a maxed credit card in the other.
Vacation will be had, or I’ll be damned.

It’s been too long. Pre-baby we traveled once a month – sometimes exotic, sometimes nearby, sometimes a quick weekend exploring a new city and all it’s glory…. We like a good story. From Spain to Ireland to St Louis to the Golden Gate in San Fran.
As Johnny Cash says, we’ve been everywhere man.

But now…
Vacation with baby? Ha.
We’ve traveled a number of times to visit family and to say it was awful is an understatement.

Packing the baby up and enduring a stress test of flying with a miniature human that no longer likes to sit still, screams at pitches that cause ear drums to puncture and has tantrums that requires two grown adults to contain… It’s not fun.
So there’s that…

And there’s the germ factor. The airplanes with their regurgitated air, and the mobs of people encountered from all over the world in the airport, (the we weren’t just in —– enter country here—- but maybe the person next to you who just coughed was and they possibly have —enter disease here—) and to the destination local itself with the different cold strands, diseases, and flu schedules. Little humans don’t have built up tolerances for such things yet.
So there’s that…

And don’t forget the travel itself; you must not forget to bring the car seat, car set base, travel crib, diapers, clothing, the kiddos favorite organic snacks (that of course aren’t sold where you are going), the favorite toys to hopefully stop any potential meltdowns, sleeping gear, white noise machine, ridiculous amount of outfit changes to satisfy possible explosions as you won’t be doing laundry….etc…etc….
Last time we attempted a trip it looked as if we we’re go in a month long expedition with the amount of shit we brought, and as a happy bonus it barely fit in the rental car (if you call ‘fit’ using every square inch of the front passenger seat and having to pack some items through the car through the window because that was the only space left) and worse.. We somehow needed and used every last drop of what we packed, and even needed to run to Babies R Us not once but twice.
So there’s that…

And also, sleeping! Sleeping somewhere new means losing all of your months and months of sleep training (gasp!) that we just so happily finished. Kids sleeping through the night! Eureka! Let’s celebrate by taking a trip so we can spend the next 4 weeks retraining him. Not Awesome.
So there’s that…

So vacation?
I guess There’s going to be none of that.
January I hate you.
But I guess my credit card thanks you.

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