The Griswalds

Posted on January 3, 2014


NATM has been absent lately… We’ve been busy filling the last 30 days with endless holiday activities and cheer. Admittingly we over did it this year…Ok, really, completely, ridiculously over did it this year. Decorating 7 (yes 7) Christmas trees within the confines of our small 1 bedroom apartment, a border-line-my-husband-may-check-me-into-an-asylum amount of picture opportunities with the jolly fat man, also way too many sledding experiences, one which led to a black eye… All of which were accompanied by an over consumption of alcohol. The cherry on top was a New Year’s Eve bash that we are still recouping from. Even the dog is recuperating. To say we’ve been busy is an understatement.

I’ve been too busy to shit is more appropriate. Literally. The holiday food consumption has wreaked havoc on me.

But its all good. Because it was fun. Thats what its about.

See we are cheesy. We like ourselves a breakfast with Santa. Tree lighting ceremonies. Cookie baking. We throw Ugly Sweater parties. We have visited no less than 7 (completely different) santas this year. We always watch Charlie Brown Christmas no matter it’s 65,000 years old and completely politically incorrect. We own 2 Yule Log DVDs. We somehow watch horrible but I can’t turn the channel away from this train wreck hallmark movies. Elf on the shelf is our friend.

We like having fun with the holidays.

But see its taken on more than that. I think we have become the NYC version of the Griswalds.

In watching the National Lampoons Christmas vacation for the 12,000th time – I realize that we are the cheesy Holiday fanatics like Clark, we have the same family chaos and drama, and we are getting dangerously close to having the electric company shut us down due to our Xmas tree collection.

But this year one part grabbed my attention that I seemed to have overlooked in the past. In the movie the Griswalds live next to a fancy neighbor couple. The fancy couple is without kids, with a perfect unscathed home, no toys scattered about. They dont celebrate the Holidays – No Tree. No mess. They have fancy precious belongings, look put together and what appears to be matching dinnerware. It may look nice..but for the first time ever when watching the movie I realize that this is exactly what we are not.
And I couldn’t be happier.

Its kids vs no kids.
It made me realize for a moment what life would have been without Lil Johnny.

I’ll take the chaos, crazy lunatic family, mess, poopy diapers, and screaming tantrums any day over those fancy childless neighbors lifestyle.
Clark had it all figured out.

Seeing Xmas through a child’s eyes is indescribable. It’s quite simply amazing. I can no longer imagine Christmas without Lil Johnny.
His tantrums at the big red man, his face enlightened upon finding the elf, his excitement with the lights on the Christmas tree, and constant fascination of the ornaments. Seeing him experience Christmas Is priceless. Its the most amazing thing ever.

I like our little movie we have going on here, Cheesy Christmas sweaters and all.

NYC Griswalds we are. But we’re not going to be putting in a pool in our 1 bedroom apartment unfortunately. No matter it would be quite fantastic in the Summer…

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