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Vacation Daze

January 24, 2014


We’re here, the most depressing, cold, gray, financially recovering month of the year. I hate you January. I need a vacation. I always try to plan a vacation in January. This is actually the most idiotic thing I could do; we never have money in January. We spent it all on HoHoHos and holiday cheer. […]


January 12, 2014


We all have them. They may not start on Jan 1st (or Jan 2nd for that matter if you were still nursing a hangover from one too many glasses of cava like me)… But resolutions are a part of life. We all strive for something better. To run a few extra miles a week. To […]

The Griswalds

January 3, 2014


NATM has been absent lately… We’ve been busy filling the last 30 days with endless holiday activities and cheer. Admittingly we over did it this year…Ok, really, completely, ridiculously over did it this year. Decorating 7 (yes 7) Christmas trees within the confines of our small 1 bedroom apartment, a border-line-my-husband-may-check-me-into-an-asylum amount of picture opportunities […]