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Posted on November 19, 2013


My child thinks he’s a dog

We have a dog, a miniature dachshund with a not so mini personality. To us, as are most dogs to a couple, our first baby. She’s a part of the family.

We affectionately call her Hotdog.
Yes. Hotdog.

When Lil Johnny joined our world it took adjustment. There was a two hour period after arriving home from the hospital where the dog barked excessively and loudly (at a volume usually reserved for the vacuum) at the new miniature human.

She couldn’t figure out what the hell to do with this little thing. It was okay…neither could Dave or I.

But now- I’m happy to report they have become inseparable.

Hotdog and Lil Johnny see each other more than anyone… Dave and I work; nanny is part time – but Lil Johnny and Hotdog? Minus a few walks, classes, and assorted diversions, they are together 24 hours day.

Brother and sister is an understatement. There’s pretty much an umbilical cord attached to those two.

So adorable – Lil Johnny looks for Hotdog when he wakes up. If he cannot locate her he throws his hands up in a curious position and grunts “huhhhh?”

It was one of the first words he understood. Where’s Hotdog? Kid pointed right at the mini fur ball. Where’s mommy? Points to his foot. Awesome.

But see it’s escalated now – grown now – Lil Johnny feeds Hotdog straight from his mouth before feeding himself. When in the high hair – food gets dropped intentionally.

Does Hotdog want to go for a walk? Guess who runs to the door, one hint – it’s not furry.

I throw a ball to Lil Johnny – He chases and returns them to me… Holy shit, he’s playing fetch.

Look some of this is cute… But damaging?
Does my son think he’s a dog?

Lil Johnny still isn’t walking – he only sees Hotdog on all 4s, so why would he want to walk?

What can we do? Monkey see monkey do right?

I think we’re ok – unless he starts to woof…. That’s definitely worse than playing fetch.

What’s worse than all of this? One day we’ll need to explain to Lil Johnny that the hotdog cart vendor isn’t selling THE Hotdog to eat – also, that hotdogs are not made from dog meat…
That should be a fun one.

Wait… Or are they?

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