Walk This Way

Posted on October 2, 2013


Lil’ Johnny just turned one.

It took a bit of Mommy juice to swallow this. I can’t believe I have a one year old child.
Time frickin flies.

No longer a baby, He’s officially a toddler.
Except he’s not toddling yet.

He’s almost 3 feet tall and growing a mustache but not walking yet. And I think we may be a ways away from walking.

Little Johnny is not ready yet. And that’s fine.

It’s just that he’s a one year old in a 2T body.
So walking is going to be tricky.

The problem is he’s too big. It’s harder for him to get the mechanics down of walking.
He has to first train his muscles to be strong enough to carry his increasing body weight. And then there’s his height – He has further to fall once he is standing. This distance causes taller children to be hesitant to sit down from standing…. it’s a long way down.
Thus he’s more hesitant to take that important first step.

Babies on the smaller side are able to crawl and walk first. They have less weight to carry. The floor is right there.

Makes sense.

So it’s going to be a while. No problem.

Where the problem lies isn’t with him, it’s with me.
It’s getting hard to lift him. He’s just too frickin heavy.

Look, I’m no body builder… but I work out. I lift weights. Have for years. But picking up a 26+ lb wiggly moving object and holding said object for periods at a time wreaks havoc on my extremities. I ache, twitch, and get craps. I worry sometimes that I could even drop him as my arms may give out.
For real.
And its not just me. Daddy has back problems. We’re both struggling.

So – the kid has got to walk soon. For the sake of my arms, Daddy’s back, and to help combat our future chiropractor bills.

Or I’m going to have no choice but to start taking steroids.
Giving a whole new meaning to Mommy juice…

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