The Name Game

Posted on August 29, 2013


Do you have trouble remembering names? I refer to it as the name game.
It’s a game I never win.

My memory sucks.

It could be that I have too much going on inside my head.
It could be that I wasn’t listening.
It could be that I don’t give a shit.

Or the most likely answer, it’s a trifecta of all three mixed together.

Please know that when I shake your hand in the “baby and me music class” and say a quick hi to your kid there’s a 99.9% probability I will not be remembering your name. Or your kids name.
Or that I even went to the music class.

See, juggling work to-dos, keeping a baby alive, feeding a dog, getting dressed, simple hygiene, and remembering to drink wine, is a lot for a brain.
Remembering names isn’t even on the list.

It’s not that I don’t like you. Its just that I have no more space in my brain.
My brain is full.

It was almost full before Lil Johnny… And now my memory is over-worked, over-tired, and WAY over capacity. It has a line out the door like a busy corner bar on a Saturday night. It needs to wait for something to leave to make space for new stuff to come in.

Even without a full brain, how is one supposed to remember all these frickin’ names?
There are music class kids’ names, library story time kids’ names, mommy names, nanny names, instructor names, and it’s endless.
And that’s on top of all the regular names in life – work names, friends, doctor’s names, and family names… Which I’ve failed at before. Yes, I have forgotten my aunt’s name before.
I blanked.
It was embarrassing.

But to my credit with kids’ names- it’s different then the good ole days when you yelled “Sarah” or “Mike” and had 5 heads turn.
In 1982 there’s a pretty good probability that you may have guessed correctly.

Today there’s literally an encyclopedia of names out there… You could start with fruit names: apple, pear?! And then move onto months: August? January?! And then into cities: Brooklyn? And even directions: North West?? …just to get a response.
We’d be there all day.
Unless your kids name is Hudson; lots of children named Hudson… Is Hudson the new Mike?

So to the mom I met in the overpriced mommy music class – I’m sorry. I forgot your nam. And I forgot your son’s name. And my own name on this blog.
Don’t hate. Please understand that my brain is full. Unlike my now empty wine glass (one thing I will never forget).

Thank You,
Not A Typical Mom

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