Getting Schooled

Posted on August 5, 2013


How much did you pay for college? I (ok, my loans and mom) paid $20,000 for 4 years, tuition only, at a Big Ten state college. At that time the school was hard to get into. Hard, meaning one had to test into it to be accepted. Prospective students required a high SAT score and also a high grade point average for admittance. Bottomline- If you made the grade, no problem.

I was (still am?) a nerd and did well, so I was luckily accepted.

I went on to a second, specialized Associate degree in NYC for another $12,000.

For a grand total of about $32,000.

Now in knowing that, one would understand why my head almost exploded in hearing what Im about to tell you next.

This price laughingly pails in comparison to PRESCHOOL cost in NYC.

Drumroll…. Manhattan clocks in (on average) at 28,000 a year…FOR PRESCHOOL. For 1 YEAR.

I’ll let you digest this for a moment.

This means if we decide to play into this charade, my son’s 1 yr preschool tuition will be more than my 4 year college degree.

This isn’t for college. This isn’t towards a degree. It’s paint and story time, and toddling around a carpet.

Holy shit.

Look I’ve heard these rumors before. I was warned… But until you see these numbers placed in front of you on paper it means nothing. It wasn’t real.

And I’m not even done. There’s more…
NYC also starts early. There are 2s programs, 3s programs, and 4s. The $28,000 is just for the 4s program.

Lets break it down:
2s program 1/2 days 2 days a week $9,000
3s program —–$18,000
4s program —–$28,000

Coming to a grand-holy-shit-total of (on average) about $55,000.

More than both of my college degrees. By Far.

Is it really necessary? As with anything, there are choices. Does a child need to go to 3 years of preschool? Of course not. Some do the 2s program, many do the 3s program, most do the 4s.
However, if you ever would like for your child to go to any private school at all in the metro area (which I don’t) you better consider it folks. The best preschools are feeder schools for the best private elementary schools.
It’s kinda like a pre-requisite.
It’s kinda bullshit.

Say what? You can afford these prices? Good for you- you saved your pretty little pennies while I blew through mine on booze, parties, and travling the world. You get the gold star.

But I bet I had more fun. I have the tattoos to prove it.

But Mr. Richy pants, just cause you can afford it, dosent mean that you are a shoe-in. Some schools only have 60 available spots (but priority goes to legacies and siblings so really only 43 spots are available) and they get 580 applicants. That’s a placement of 7.4% of students.

And just to remind you again, this is for preschool.

There are wait lists, child interviews, parent interviews, and lots of red taped popularity contests.
Some apply to 10 schools and don’t get into any. Some are wait listed at age of 1 for over a year. And you better not delay, Lil Johnny needs to apply before he can even talk.

Again, for preschool.

My husband and I went to public school. And doing petty damn good. And we’re both pretty cool.

But there’s no public preschool. And public schools are overcrowded with ever changing zones and jurisdictions.

Do I want my child playing with and these stuck up Muffy and Buffy rich kid offspring with sweaters neatly tied around their necks?
Absolutely not. If he comes home with a popped collar we’re gonna have a problem.

But I do care greatly for that little rug rat. And of course want him to have a great education.

My husband and I are on the fence. Jury’s out and deliberating this one.

All I know is that I’m sticking to my pre-requisite of tattoos before pre school. Totally better than a popped collar.

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