The Triple Crown

Posted on June 2, 2013


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Holy Hell. Another Award! I didn’t even know that there was another award. What I am more shocked at is that you people actually like to read my rambles, rants, and tirades. You are sooo messed up. Welcome to the club.

Big props to Real Life Mom Blog for nominating NATM for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Please check out her blog at

Being nominated and participating in this fun little endeavor comes with a few rules:

  • Display logo on your blog
  • Link back to the one you have so inspired
  • Tell 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers and link back to them
  • Perform 1 random act of kindness and include in your post

Seven things about myself:

1. I had to google a picture of mangos to see what the hell they looked like.

2. There is a sign over my bed that says “I like them long and hairy.”

3. Fish scare me.

4. I know all the lyrics to Kenny Rodgers, Tu Pac, and Def Leopard songs. True Story.

5. My day job is a fashion designer.

6. I have tried out for Wheel of Fortune and the Price is Right.

7. Someday I hope to have an idea for the Shark Tank.  It will be awesome.

Kindness:  My dog had shit stuck to her ass this morning and I helped her remove it. I thought it was quite nice of me…?

But on a human note: someone dropped cash on the street the other day in front of me. I ran after em and returned it. Not a big deal, and I didn’t do it for this blog. I really believe in paying it forward. Because karma is a bitch.

What goes around comes around. Including money on the ground. Yep. It rhymes.

My Nominations:


Congrats to all the nominees, and thanks again to Real Life Mom Blog – I really do appreciate the honor.



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