The Clapper

Posted on April 20, 2013


Another milestone. Lil’ Johnny clapped today! He watched with studious intrigue as I showed him the mechanics of a clap:

Me: “Arms out then together…Clap!
Arms out then together.. Clap! Arms out, then together. The clapper.
Clap on clap off…the clapper.
Clap on clap off…the clapper!”

Lil’ Johnny then mimicked my motion with a giggle. He picked up speed – and low an behold we were having an all out clap fest.

It was Pretty amazing stuff.

Last time I felt this sense of achievement was graduation day while receiving my second college degree. That’s about equal, don’t ya think? How things change.

Then I got that fuckin song in my head – clap on…clap off… The clapper.
Awesome. (And now it’s in yours.. You’re welcome.)

But just then my self imposed achievement glee was overshadowed… As I realized I just resorted to teaching little Johnny By way of an old 80s commercial jingle.

Holy shit. Is this the way I’m gonna raise my son? I suck so much at parenting 101 that I’m raising him on 80s marketing and music parodies?

“Zestfully Clean” in the tub
“Cha cha cha Chia” for hair growing fast
“Just do it” for, well… anything?

Omg. Am I the parenting version of Weird al Yankovic? Is he still alive?

I immediately turned on the TV. If my parenting is going to rely on commercial jingles I better get some current ones.
And better references. Weird Al Yankovic just aged me about 200 years..


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