Bugaboo Brigade

Posted on April 5, 2013


Bugaboo Brigade

Today I received an email inviting me to the launch party of the new Bugaboo Andy Warhol limited edition stroller. How did I get invited to this?

I have no idea.

I actually thought that maybe it was a joke at first. We don’t own a Bugaboo. And we have forgotten how to party since Lil Johnny joined our world…so all around this email seems quite comical.

Look – I know a lot of people really like these strollers. They’re the most expensive stroller on the market. Its the Prada in Stroller land. Shit – at any given time a single street in NYC seemingly has a 1,000 lemming moms pushing these.

Fine. Your baby needs a $1200 stroller. It makes you sleep better at night.

But is it necessary to plaster Warhol shit all over them? What’s the point? To immerse Lil’ Johnny into art at 6 months? Or is it to make mommy feel like shes cool and part of the gallery crowd?

And further – what would this even look like? Soup can prints? Bananas? Marilyn Monroe? Coke lines?
I like my strollers like the way I like my coffee – simple, black, and unpretentious.

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