Things I Googled This Week Vol. 1

Posted on March 24, 2013


I’ve come to realize that my dependency on Google is quite horrific. As I typed a few search commands today I saw a trail on recent searches that would make Gary Busey look sane.

In sake of me realizing this dependance, I thought I may share some of my searches for your enjoyment. Note all searches are real, and embarrassingly enough, actually happened.

Recipes for baby purées
What is a parsnip
Image of parsnips
What is a sweet potato
Image of sweet potato
Yam vs. sweet potato
Should sweet potatoes be neon orange
Do mini carrots exist
How to turn on purée machine
How to use puree machine
Youtube video how to use puree machine
baby choking on puree
baby chefs NYC
how many hours of sleep can a person live on?

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