Double Down

Posted on March 19, 2013


Lil’ Johnny has lapped the competition. He’s officially now wearing 12 months clothes during his 6th month of life. And whats worse… They’re snug.

He’s out of control.

At this rate he’ll be in 18 months clothing at 9 months, 1T at 12 months, and driving at age 8.

He’s like a doubled up baby in a single body.
It’s frightening.

Not all doubles are bad. Double your pleasure gum, double jack and coke, doubling down on 11… But we ARE talking about a body here. It’s not the same category.

It’s like we were supposed to have twins and Lil’ Johnny ate the other one in the womb.

My question is… What the hell is causing this Jolly Green effect? My milk? His lack of gag reflex? Global warming?

One things for sure – I’ll have to kick start my blackjack addiction just to afford his changing wardrobe.

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