Posted on March 15, 2013


Hi. I’m a new mom and I’m a jaraholic.

I have been feeding my son jarred food for about 2 months.

I feed my son jar food because I don’t know how to cook, purée, or steam. I don’t know what half the fucking veggies are in the grocery store, and I don’t have time to shit much less stand there and blend a piece of chicken to a finely puréed pulp.

Look, I’m trying to quit.
But until I either quit my job, hire a chef, or society decides to add 8 more hours in a day – it ain’t happening.

Thus, I will continue to be an addict and hit my grocery store aisle hard.

So take your ‘I’m a perfect mom and personally chew each and every organic morsel of food for Little Johnny and cant believe you use jarred food’ and shove it up your ass.

Thank you and Fuck off
New Mom

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