Posted on March 12, 2013


Sleep deprivation is a normal part of having a child. Mix in a night of insomnia and we have a whole new level of exhaustion.

We have Insomnizombie.

You know the ones… The days when you find yourself sleeping in the shower, putting clothes on inside out and the bags under your eyes have their own shadows. The days when you have had so little sleep it’s not even worth quantifying.

The days when you look like a fuckin zombie from the Thriller video. Except there’s no thrills to be had here.  I look like shit, feel like shit, and am considering an IV hooked up to the nearest Starbucks.

That’s the thing about having an offspring – there’s NEVER time to catch up.

Before Lil Johnny I could pull a few all night benders and then have a catch up day – sleep in, hit the hay early, get a  solid 10-12, and be back on track. Ha! Weren’t those the days?!

But now – We can’t give up any of those precious minutes of sleep without massive ramifications. You are at your max. There is no where else to borrow from. There is no catching up. You are, as am I, an Insomnizombie. So far off track there’s no going back.

You just need to fuckin deal with it.

If you have had these days I salute you, I would shake your hand but can’t because the IV cord is to short.

I cheers you…with my thrilling Venti coffee in hand.

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