Hair Loss – Week 672

Posted on March 11, 2013


Ok, ok. It’s not week 672, but it does feel like an eternity and my hair loss has not subsided. Now instead of counting my hair loss each day I count the hairs left. It’s fucking easier.

Today I finally had my hair dyed. I had to. My roots could be measured in feet and not inches. And as spring is rapidly approaching, I will have to stop hiding under my newly expanded winter hat collection soon.

Two hours and a small fortune later I now look like I give a shit. A little.

Now the problem is – because I had gone so long without my hair being dyed – it’s going to need to be dyed a few times to look normal again. All my roots are still poking through. It looks like someone tried to put white paint over a black wall. I am now a wonderful shade of grey.

Hair is a lot to keep up with. Who’s got that kinda time or money?

Maybe I can start a warm weather hat trend to hide my bald spots and my roots. Made out of a lighter fabric? A light cotton or similar? Some breathable material… ya know – like a baby hat. They’re light weight and thin.
Baby hats for adults. Any takers?

Why stop there – Maybe it can expand to all things baby in adult size. Call it Baby Size Me.

Next step – wine in baby bottles. Never have a spill again.

Cant be all about the kids after all…

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