Foodie at 5 Months

Posted on March 8, 2013


We just increased the purées to 5 oz a day – 1 jar at breakfast, 1 for dinner. He might as well be eating McDonald’s because that boy is lovin it. The second you put him in the high chair his mouth opens wide like a little birdie waiting for the worm. He’s ecstatic and instantly wants more. Spoon time is happy time in this house.

Bananas, pears, apples, carrots,peas, and sweet potato. All the usual suspects. All loved equally. All inhaled with vengeance.

But then there’s winter squash.  He loves that too, but will someone please tell me…What the hell is winter squash?I seriously have no idea what this veggie is?

If you were to line up 5 veggies in front of me I can guarantee you that I wouldn’t know which is winter squash.

Is it Orange? White? Round? Is it really only available in winter?

I don’t have an f”en clue.

Is it bad that I can’t tell you what this vegetable looks like and I’m feeding this to my offspring?

I consider winter squash to be weird. I mean, I’ve never had it? And I don’t know what it looks like?
Also, is he gonna be the kid that likes all sorts of weird shit? Is there escargot in his future?

Could it be that my kid… (gasp!) …is a foodie?

I don’t know how that could even be possible – I only eat 5 things and haven’t cooked since 1987 which ended in a burning towel and fire extinguishers. Where did this love of food come from?

Maybe he was switched at birth?
I can see the headlines now – mom discovers son switched at birth because of winter squash.

Hey, It could happen.

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