Chew Toys

Posted on March 6, 2013


I almost gave my son one of my dog’s toys today. It was lying on the floor near Lil Johnny’s play area and I almost grabbed it by accident. Why the hell do they make these things similar? They all sqeek, are either furry or brightly colored plastic, and usually have big googly eyes. Looks the same to me!

Come to think if it – it goes further than that. Both get drooled on. Both last all of 5 minutes. Both lie around waiting for someone to play with them.  Sounds like my college sex life.

I’m gonna market a new product. Why the need for both?

My million dollar idea – I’m going to start making toys that are both for dog and baby. A two-fer! Reclaim some of the floor back! Bonus points if I can make it look like an ex-college boyfriend…

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