The Slap

Posted on February 25, 2013


Having a Baby makes you realize something. It truly makes you realize what’s important. Blah blah – insert Oprah moment here – but bottom line pushing something out of your woman hole changes everything… not just your sex life. It changes YOU as a person completely. Fully. You get it now. And it’s amazing.

It’s like that fuckin FiOS commercial that seems to be in a perpetual loop. Once ya get it, ya GET it. It all makes sense… It’s like a big frickin slap against your face. Wake up! This is what life’s all about asshole!

You become a big L. And not just because you don’t go out anymore…. the L stands for love. You understand what it means to love something. To really love something with every inch of your body. It’s indescribable. You understand what life is about. You cant even fathom life without that little pooper, and how you wasted so much time without him.

How does 17 pds of eating and shitting baby make it all suddenly so clear?  It just does. My conclusion: Maybe we all need a little more shit in our lives. Everything would better! Shit slaps for everyone.

That or of course FiOS.

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