Be Very Afraid

Posted on February 23, 2013


I read something this morning about pysch theories and subconscious  messaging. The article concentrated on how people respond to things in general. It said that it has been proven that female voices gain attention and  male voices convey authority. Examples are seen in advertising all the way down to how commands and warnings are  programmed. For instance, on fighter jets they use a woman’s voice to  gain the attention of the pilot with “danger you are about to crash.”

Apparently it all boils down to a simple fact – humans are programmed to listen to their mother and to be afraid of their father.

Interesting enough, right?

But looking in the mirror this morning at my frightening hair,  disheveled clothing ensemble, and bags under my eyes, I feel like I’m the one about to crash.

One things for sure, I’m guaranteed to rewrite these pysch rules. The kid is definitely going to be afraid of me.

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