Closet Case

Posted on February 17, 2013


I love clothes. I love fashion. It’s what I do for a living. But I struggle on a daily basis with my closet. My closet is over loaded, under organized and beyond disbelief. That’s what happens when you try cramming 100 pounds of shit into a 2 pound bag. Thank YOU small NYC apartments.

In addition to my space constraints, I have a hard time purging anything. I, with the exception of a few rare cases, have every single piece of clothing I purchased in the last 15 years. True story. It’s ridiculous, obsessive, and borderline insane. It makes the show hoarders look tame.

Now multiply this behavior times two with little Johnny. Another closet to get OCD on. Lord help me.

Today I had to weed his closet. There’s no choice, jolly green has grown outta half the shit already.

But here comes the hoarder in me. I can’t get rid of anything. I find myself folding up and saving each and every single onesie, even if now only fits Lil Johnny’s left thigh in storage containers. I might as well buy stock in Rubbermaid.

Now we need to look into getting more storage so I can save all of Lil guys stuff.

My husband may commit me soon. The way I see it – At least the padded room is guaranteed to be bigger than my current closet.

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