Giraffes belong in a Zoo

Posted on February 10, 2013


Why does society find it necessary to place every known zoo animal on a onesie? As a fashion designer by trade I have long wondered this. I’ve been told that characters sell well. My response – of course they sell well – these animals are on EVERYTHING. They sell well because there’s no option to purchase anything without them! It’s not that I have anything against Mr. Giraffe, I’ve hand fed my share at zoos across the country, but my question is… How did giraffes and elephants ever make their way on an onesie in the first place? A subconscious move by PETA? A zoo outreach program? Maybe it started as Disney pushing their Dumbo movie back in 82? Let’s be clear, Baby doesn’t know what he’s wearing… So he’s wearing that elephant holding a flower for you. Do you like elephants? Is that elephant taking you on a date?

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