Snow Baby

Posted on February 9, 2013


Today we got a blizzard in NYC. Seven inches. Anywhere else, not a big deal. Here? Shuts down the city. Works for me, I got outta work early.

So we decided to get out the sled. Show lil Johnny what snow is all about!
We found out that snow rates about as highly as prunes in little johnnys world. He hates the shit. Poor lil guy started crying almost instantaneously. We sat in the sled for all of 12 seconds for a photo opp and then brought him back inside.

As I was already bundled up in 17 layers I figured I’d stay outa little longer. Someone should enjoy this wet stuff. NY dont get snow like this every day.

What to do? Snowmen it is. I’ll make a snow family – One for Dave, me, little johnny, and of course cant forget the dog. Rocks for the eyes and christmas tree parts for the arms.(yes, u read this correctly. Our xmas trees are still up. Yes, it’s almost valentines day. Dont judge!)

As I was fixing up the eyes on Lil’ Johnny’s snowman when it happened. His Crumbled in a hundred pcs. Oh shit. I Was 5 seconds away from being done.

It hits me that this may be a sign. A sign of my parenting skills. How come all the other snowmen are fine? Why was it only lil Johnny’s that didn’t work? Am I one day going to  apply to much pressure to little Johnny? Am I crumbling too? I quickly re-do Johnny’s man and head inside for coffee to ponder the life alternating effects of making snowmen. Five mins later I Looked back outside and saw that all of them had now started to melt and subsequently fallen apart.
Oh good. I’m not a shitty mom. Just a shitty snowman maker. Whew.

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