Little Pearls

Posted on February 5, 2013


Home from work last night and was told by the nanny that little man has been crying all day. Awesome. That means crying all night too. Another no sleep night for me! At this point, it really doesn’t matter. I’m a walking zombie anyways.

I look at the screech monster. His cheeks are pinker than my favorite rose. It’s time to once again pull out Mr. Flashlight. I actually kept it on the counter since it’s been used so much lately. All this flashlight play, it got me thinking…Is little man going to now be drawn to the spot light?  Don’t the things of today equate for tomorrow? As I contemplate his career on Broadway I dig in. Sure as shit, another pearly white is starting to pop out. I look closely at all the gum lines- they are red, swollen, and all have buried treasure right before the surface. White pearls everywhere. I don’t know much about anything medical, or teeth, or in fact anything about babies at all, but at the rate that he’s moving he’ll have a full set of choppers at 6 months. And his driver’s license at 7.

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