Balding at 4 Months?

Posted on February 4, 2013


Like mother like son? Little Johnny is f’en balding. Seriously. Ok ok, it’s not balding per say, but it is a bald spot. He has a spot on the back of his head the size of a coconut where all the hair has rubbed completely off, down to the bare skinny skin skin. And now it’s red and irritated. Too much “back time” for Johnny? Sure when you’re an immobile flipped turtle you tend to be on you back of your head a lot. Now what?

Dr. Google shows an image of, I shit you not, a mini motorcycle helmet for the baby to wear. Complete with chin straps and all. Really? We’re not siting up yet but we’re riding with Hells Angels? I contemplate it a second. A mini leather bomber jacket would be cool…but. None theless, I don’t want Lil man to have to wear a helmet. Maybe other alternatives? Next I look up baby hammocks. If its net it wouldn’t be a SIDs hazard right? Nothing.  A lot of banana hammocks (and interesting images) but no baby hammocks. Ugh. Are these my only options? Hair plugs in 4th grade or biker gang rebel? I take a photo. If it’s worse in a week I’ll call the doc. That’s the plan. Either way I’m still gonna look up mini bombers…

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