Little House on the Naming

Posted on February 3, 2013


At home visiting my mom. She’s not well, but well enough to watch a little TV with me.

We flip through the channels and come across Little House on the Prairie. Her favorite show she reminds me. Ok, ok. I conceded. We can watch it. I cringe at the bad acting, low pixels, and general concept. I’m not a big fan of history.

I knew this. Last Christmas I bought her the LHOTP box set and shes mentioned the show a 1000 times before to me. But I’ve never seen it.  Seen a few minutes here and there, but never a full episode. Never seemed that great to me. Made in the 70s – and based in the colonial time period I’ve never been able to get on board. Doesn’t interest me. But since ma wants to watch it, I concede and agree to one show.

What the episode is about is not important. But what is important is that one of the characters on the show has my name. I look over at her. No reaction. I say Hello! Mom. Is that where my name was inspired from? What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I’m not named after any family members. Not named after a grandma, or aunt or friend. I’ve always wondered where my name was inspired from, have asked and never got a response. But now it all makes sense. The show ran from 1974-83. I was born in that time frame. Moms favorite show. Son of a bitch. Was I named after a colonial girl in some Michael Landon show? Oh man. Why couldn’t I have been named after a stripper or something? Ugh.

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