Groundhog Day

Posted on February 2, 2013


Oh the movie Groundhog Day. Full disclosure. I do like this movie. I usually watch it once a year, and typically once a year right around Feb 2nd when these f’en channels play it on a 24 hour loop. Even fuller disclosure: I like the groundhog. My husband and I even went and saw Mr. Puxatoney Phil in the flesh once a number of years ago. A full Va-ca. We got a hotel the night before. Woke up at the ass crack of dawn. Got completely hammered and cheered on the shadow master. It was quite a shindig and a good time. I have a souvenir hat to prove it.

But this year is a little different. Why? I’m realizing that now this movie post baby is hitting a little bit closer to home. This is my life. The same frickin day over and over. You think you’re living the same day over and over Mr. Murray? You ain’t got shit on me. The last 3 months each day has been Groundhogs day in our house. Get up at 2am for evening feed. Pump. Try to get back to sleep. Wake up at 5am. Stressfully attempt to get ready and juggle feedings, diapers, petting the dog, and keeping up general hygiene. Get to work and have an exhausting and mentally decapitating 10 hour day, and then run home to see Lil Johnny for a mere hour before putting him to bed. Once asleep (which in itself takes a few tries) I try to relax and do something of my own desire but end up falling asleep due to sheer exhaustion right around 10:00. Wake up again the next day at 2am and do it all again. The only difference? I don’t need Sonny and Cher to tell me each day is going to be like the day before. It’s a frickin guarantee.

So after day 65 of this shit Murray goes insane, steals the groundhog, and drives off the cliff. Oh shit. Is this my next? Am I headed off the cliff? Maybe I should start listening to more Sonny and Cher afterall.

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