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No Mom Pants Here

February 28, 2013


It happened twice. During my trip this past weekend to visit family I had not one, but two (!)people comment on my pants. Note that these were two entirely different pair of pants on different ‘legs’ of the trip… ridiculous pun intended. The first comment came waiting to board my flight from NYC. While in […]

The Slap

February 25, 2013


Having a Baby makes you realize something. It truly makes you realize what’s important. Blah blah – insert Oprah moment here – but bottom line pushing something out of your woman hole changes everything… not just your sex life. It changes YOU as a person completely. Fully. You get it now. And it’s amazing. It’s […]

Be Very Afraid

February 23, 2013


I read something this morning about pysch theories and subconscious  messaging. The article concentrated on how people respond to things in general. It said that it has been proven that female voices gain attention and  male voices convey authority. Examples are seen in advertising all the way down to how commands and warnings are  programmed. For […]

Ken Doll

February 22, 2013


All the baby books were right. The hair color they are born with slowly falls out, and their new perma-color comes in. I didn’t believe it at first. But, smarty-pants-book-writer was right, my sons hair color has officially changed. He came out with auburn red hair. Seriously. I’m talking auburn orange-y red hair. After the […]

Happy Meals

February 20, 2013


Dave and I have been doing taste tests with Little Johnny for the last couple weeks. He’s been loving it. Using the big chair, opening wide, enjoying each bite, and wanting more. Today’s the day. Its official, Our little man is graduating from being a taste tester to big boy eater of puree meals, 2x […]

My Favorite Holiday

February 18, 2013


Today is National Drink Wine Day. Seriously? That’s a holiday? Well consider me the Grand-frickin-Marshall of that Parade.

Closet Case

February 17, 2013


I love clothes. I love fashion. It’s what I do for a living. But I struggle on a daily basis with my closet. My closet is over loaded, under organized and beyond disbelief. That’s what happens when you try cramming 100 pounds of shit into a 2 pound bag. Thank YOU small NYC apartments. In […]

99 Bottles

February 15, 2013


How many bottles do you have in your cupboard? I just counted mine and I’m embarrassed that there’s more baby bottles in this house then there are wine bottles. So – even with all these bottles, why is that I feel as if I am doing dishes every goddamn minute? Am I sleep walking and […]

Giraffes belong in a Zoo

February 10, 2013


Why does society find it necessary to place every known zoo animal on a onesie? As a fashion designer by trade I have long wondered this. I’ve been told that characters sell well. My response – of course they sell well – these animals are on EVERYTHING. They sell well because there’s no option to […]

Snow Baby

February 9, 2013


Today we got a blizzard in NYC. Seven inches. Anywhere else, not a big deal. Here? Shuts down the city. Works for me, I got outta work early. So we decided to get out the sled. Show lil Johnny what snow is all about! We found out that snow rates about as highly as prunes […]