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You know your life has officially become a circus when…

January 18, 2013


Your morning routine involves you – sitting on the floor – pumping with your hands free cone bra, Shaking a rattle and playing with baby with one hand (that’s also alternating petting the over jealous dog) while eating egg white sandwich with the other picking off pieces off toast and giving it to the dog, […]


January 17, 2013


Ped (and Dr. Google) said it was time. Time for tastes with little Johnny. Start to get him excited about food. We figure today’s a good day. We actually have food in the apartment – and when I say we have food I mean 1 banana – and I read that kids like bananas, so […]

Hair Loss – Week 3

January 16, 2013


What the fuck is happening to my hair? A little after Johnny’s 3 month birthday my hair started falling out. I remember it exactly because it was on New Year’s Eve Day when the loss was noticeably more. Happy hair loss! I screamed on New Year’s Eve. And my hair is not just falling out […]

Word to the Wise: Jury Duty

January 15, 2013


As previously mentioned I had delayed jury duty no less than 7x. 7 times! Holey cajolery! True Story. Now – before you start judging me with “it’s my civic duty” and all this blah blah,  please know that it was delayed for good reason. It started out as my mother was terminally ill, then because […]

Jury Mama

January 14, 2013


Jury duty! Joy. Well, since I have delayed 7x (true story) here I am, on my way to glorious jury duty. I take a taxi. I don’t know where the hell I’m going and don’t care enough to google it. Mr. Cabbie takes me directly to the front of the building. I look out. Really? […]

4 Month Appointment

January 10, 2013


Today’s Lil Johnny’s 4 month checkup. Dave and I leave work to meet up with the Nanny at the Peds office. I have a confession to make.  I kinda picked my child’s Pediatrician based on his rock star status and his cool glasses. Is that bad? Before you judge – let me explain, this man […]

It’s Begining to look like a Circus

January 5, 2013


It’s beginning to look a lot like a circus. Colorful Plastic everywhere I go There’s bright blue and green, and others that don’t look so keen Scattered across my floor Or it’s beginning to look a bit like a circus Toys scattered from here to there Made in china stamped everywhere. Musical tones from coming […]