Hair Loss – Week 5

Posted on January 29, 2013


Oh, the hair loss continues…! Its sad and disheartening and I need to add more hats to my rotation damn it. My poor husband deserves a trophy for dealing with my freakouts each morning with the blow dryer. I don’t care if I lose all but three hairs on the top of my head and look like Charlie Brown, I’m not cutting my hair short in a bob and wearing sweat pants. My names not Tabitha and I don’t have a girlfriend.

Ugh. Today I got my blood test results back from the child doc who suggested Rogaine. It seems as if my iron is quite low and I’m slightly anemic. Oh awesome. So my $90 a month prenatal vitamin that supposed to be the most amazing things since sliced bread aint cutting it. I need more! More! I’m pissed. If I would’ve had this shit checked a while ago I could have saved some hairs! I immediately run to the local drugstore and pick up the supplement. Shit I’ll ingest iron slabs of metal at this point is it helps with not looking like Charlie. Fingers crossed.

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