The Trifecta

Posted on January 28, 2013


A big weekend at the circus. Little man moved to size 3 diapers, rolled over, and cut his first tooth. A trifecta of firsts. Trifecta. Wow, i miss our degenerate gambling. My husband and I used to sneak off to Vegas or its red headed step sis AC at least every few months. I’ll say it.  We loved gambling. Kenny Rodgers was my ringtone. Truthfully – I need a fix. This got me to thinking, maybe we could get our fix now at home? Start an over under bet on when the next tooth will pop out? Or maybe even make it more interesting- 5 to 1 on the next leaky poopy diaper? The possibilities are endless! Now The next thing we need to figure out is out is how to pump oxygen into our apartment like they do in Vegas so I will be awake through the late night feedings

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