Spoon Me

Posted on January 27, 2013


Got tooth? To me if ya got a tooth – ya can eat off a spoon. With the new found tooth, I run up to Babies R Us and buy a pack of infant spoons. I also buy a selection of 69 cent organic baby foods to put on said spoon. Let’s see how he does here, if he likes it we can go from there.

I get home, bib on, spoon in hand. One, two, three.. he opens right up. Takes a nice big bite. He loves the food. He loves the spoon. He’s crying for more. A few more bites and we put it away. He’s angry. More! Oh man. That’s it. I become instantly depressed. I almost shed a tear. Not just because Lil Johnny is now growing at alarmingly fast Jolly-Green-Giant rate, but the fact that…I’m going to have to learn how to ….gasp…cook! Oh my god. I was hoping I could live off of fad diets and take-out my entire life. Damn. I don’t even know where to start.

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