Posted on January 27, 2013


Another day another teething fit. Its serious now. Today I get out the flashlight. There has to be something back there? I wash my hands profusely and dig in. Flashlight in mouth I feel like I am mining for gold or the next star in the Indiana Jones trilogy when I see it. Low and behold – I see white! Shit. Lil Man’s got a tooth! Wow. He’s only 4 ½ months old!? Isn’t that early? I think once, in one of those cheesy and overpriced Ripley s museums, I saw something about a baby being born with a full rack of teeth, but seriously? At 4 ½ months? I Dr. Google it. The tooth he has is a “Pre-Molar” and usually pop up at 12-18 months. Oh awesome.  At this rate his voice is going to change at 6 months. Holy hell – what am I supposed to do with an 18 month old in a 4 ½ month old body?  That’s when I realized what was going on. He was becoming the baby on the diaper box. We switched him to size 3 diapers and forced the tooth out. I knew we should of waited…

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