Size 3 Diapers

Posted on January 23, 2013


We ordered the next size up diapers for Lil Johnny online – and received them today. Oh my god. The box is huge and overtakes half of our 700sq feet apartment living space.Awesome.

I look closely at the box. The box has a picture of a baby sitting up without support, smiling, with teeth.

I look back over to Johnny. He’s lying down on the activity mat – doing the turtle roll, not even close to sitting, or anywhere near being mobile, crying hysterically, with no teeth. What the hell? The child on the box is like 4 years older than my son…but jolly green over here is only 4 months old moving onto size 3 diapers. Its confirmed. My child is a giant. At this rate we’re moving way past he’s just big… we’re looking at a 10 foot 4th grader.

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