Hair Loss – Week 4

Posted on January 21, 2013


Today I went to go see my dermatologist, who is at least 10 years my junior and has a bad case of short man’s disease, about my hair. He had me repeat, out loud, no less than 25 times, “I will not go bald.” This is his treatment plan. Awesome. Easy for you to say asshole. He then suggests Rogaine? Seriously? I instantly reminded myself that he’s still in his 20s. And that offering of Rogaine came a little too easy off the tongue. I surveyed the landscape. AAh yes, he’s thinning a bit. It takes one to know one.

I leave upset, for many reasons….A) I waited 25 minutes in an empty waiting room when people ate lunch. B) That this fucker is in his 20s and most likely makes more $$ than I do C) Besides the shrink “repeat” method I have no solution or suggestions – except for the ridiculous suggestion of Rogaine. Awesome. Waste of time. I leave. But then feel for a moment a bit of solace when I remember at his rate, he will most likely be bald in 10 years.

I get back to work and order no less than three hats. It’s gonna be a long winter. I wonder where Wendy Williams gets her wigs?

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