Posted on January 17, 2013


Ped (and Dr. Google) said it was time. Time for tastes with little Johnny. Start to get him excited about food. We figure today’s a good day. We actually have food in the apartment – and when I say we have food I mean 1 banana – and I read that kids like bananas, so today’s the day!

I finger off a dab of the yellow gooiness and feed it to little man. Just a few nibbles. Oh the faces! Frown-y unhappy baby face that quickly turns to wanting more. It’s awesome. Such a milestone. With this starts trying more flavors, purees, etc. Go Johnny Go! Reminds me of the first time I tried Southern Comfort. First disgusted and sour faced and then going back for more. I stop and my eyes get big. Oh man, I hope it doesn’t end for him as it ended for me. I’m calmed as I realize that even in the worst-est case scenario that there’s no way a our little thing could throw up as much as I did. Whew.

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