Hair Loss – Week 3

Posted on January 16, 2013


What the fuck is happening to my hair? A little after Johnny’s 3 month birthday my hair started falling out. I remember it exactly because it was on New Year’s Eve Day when the loss was noticeably more. Happy hair loss! I screamed on New Year’s Eve. And my hair is not just falling out its coming out in clumps… we’re talking massive huge are you shitting me clumps. One day for shits and giggles I decided to count… 460. Seriously. And this was just the morning after shower – not all the hairs on my coat, my chair at work and anything else that I come into contact with. And being wonderful frickin winter and all – my scalp and head are getting cold. I can feel the chill where I used to not feel anything. My scalp hurts. It’s sensitive.  It’s honest to god the equivalent to that of a chemo patient. (Unfortunately I know this all too well due to family members who have been affected by cancer).

After week one of hair loss and uncontrollable morning rage because of said hair loss I started to become an expert on the subject. Its NORMAL for this to happen after birth! The hair goes into a resting phase during pregnancy and then worth the shift of hormones… yada yada don’t give a shit why make it stop!! Dr. Goggle and I spent hours learning about it. I now have a cupboard stoked full of anything that remotely rumored to help to anyone in the blogosphere world. Biotin, B-12s, and Iron etc. etc. Also invested in some wonderfully stinky Biotin laced shampoo and conditioner.

Here now, week 3 of hair loss. Its BAD.… my hair is noticeably thinner. My roots are horrific because I’m refraining to touch up anything until this subsides a bit… and I’m struggling to cover the bald spots. Our shower drain becomes so plugged it laughs in the face of Drano once a week. The bathroom sink, not to be outdone by the shower, is somehow plugged as well, and…because it won’t just stop there…even the frickin toilet has been plugged which has never happened before (as I have been cleaning out my brush and putting it into the toilet- dumb). Our super of our building has worn a path in the carpet to our apartment door he’s been called so many times for “the snake.”

Oh yes. But we haven’t even hit the crescendo yet. So if that isn’t bad enough…now my dog is having trouble shitting. It seems she unknowingly eats hairs off the floor…they get stuck in her digestive system…and a hair will be in part in poop and other part stuck inside.

Seriously. Isn’t going bald bad enough?

Awesome. My husband, fed up with my hysterical freak outs in the bathroom each morning, forced me to see a doc.  Appointment scheduled for next week. If I don’t commit myself first.

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