4 Month Appointment

Posted on January 10, 2013


Today’s Lil Johnny’s 4 month checkup. Dave and I leave work to meet up with the Nanny at the Peds office.

I have a confession to make.  I kinda picked my child’s Pediatrician based on his rock star status and his cool glasses. Is that bad? Before you judge – let me explain, this man has amazing eye wear. Each and every time we go they are different. And not just kinda different. They are radically different. The man has a rainbow of colors in all different sizes, shapes, and looks – from retro thick to skinny modern. Its quite impressive. He must have a closet dedicated solely to eye wear. I leave work and run down just to get a glimpse. Oh and to see my son and be sure all is ok, of course.

I have a list of questions. Doctors love that! Ha. I love lying to myself. They f’en hate it. Last time I asked about Lil Johnny’s size – is he too big, what’s wrong – I got a “He’s HUGE!” and nothing more. I left mad, and annoyed by the blind sighted comment from Mr. Cool 4 eyes. So this time I’m a little more prepared. No more ridiculous answers allowed.

I ask away. When should we start solids? How much sleep should Lil Johnny be getting? (Our kid doesn’t sleep). What should we do about this fussy teething monster?

I got answers, quick one word answers, but answers. In leaving I realized a couple things. One – I really need to get my own sucker stash at work, these suckers they have in a bin on the counter are amazing! And  B – it doesn’t matter what the doc says. Because in the day in age of WebMDs, Wikipedia, and mom message boards, I’m my own doctor. Truthfully – I don’t believe anything the doc tells me. I may listen, say ok, but then I just run home and quickly Dr. Google the shit outta it anyways. I trust my obsessive compulsive research and the opinions of twelve sites vs. the opinion of one person who’s rushing through an exam with a sourpuss attitude, that’s for sure.  Why continue to go to the doc appointments then? Well, I’m not very good with a needle, and someone will need to administer vaccines and such after all.  So I guess we will continue the farce. That and I still need to get my fix on the latest eyewear fashions somewhere. Duh.

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