New Year New Habit

Posted on January 3, 2013


A new year calls for a new year resolution.  Most people want to make themselves better. Lose weight, be healthier, start a hobby, blah blah blah. Mine? I’m looking to start a new drug habit. Seriously. Huey Lewis said it best baby. I need a new drug. NOW. To put it quite nicely, 2012 was a shit sundae for me. I will spare you the details but included in the glorious year was a horrific terminal cancer diagnosis of my mother, then a high risk pregnancy, followed by emergency surgery, topped off with a 3 month stint of bedrest and no travel to see my ailing mother.  Next came quite possibly the worst labor ever experienced by a human (a whole separate post only to be told when I can find the courage to relive that day without crawling into a fetal position and downing a bottle of vodka) and then catastrophic events effecting my job with ramifications that still remain to be unseen. Stress? Please. Stress is for wussies. We’re talking full fledged tsunami shit storm. I’ve forgotten what stress is.

To celebrate the 2012 year ending in a grand gesture, I would have burned the calendar in a glorious rage, while holding both middle fingers in the air screaming anarchist well wishes to the fuckin year but… there was one obviously amazing thing that happened. As you are most likely a mom reading this you already know what my next sentence will be. Duh.  Its my son joined our happy little braud. That screaming little poop machine is quite amazing. We like him. Very much. He is a miracle. Not only because he a bright shiny example of the miracle of life, and a miracle that holy shit he fit through my vagina! but also he was a miracle because of the pregnancy risks itself. There was a 60% chance of the unthinkable. The unimaginable. But he made it. And now here we are. This amazing little creature is here to stay. That was the only little cherry on my 2012 shit sundae, but that’s the only cherry that’s needed.  We get to keep him. So that’s what I’m taking from 2012. My little man.  And I couldn’t be happier. Unless of course I start a new drug habit. Suggestions welcomed. Prefer cherry flavor.

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