Happy Tooth Year

Posted on January 1, 2013


All is quiet on New Year’s Day. Well not in this frickin house. Lil Johnny has decided that New Years eve day is a good time to start teething. Holy hell. I’ve heard the stories of teething not being fun, but this is incredible. Cheeks rosier than Santa’s ass. Drool creating puddles that my dog is frantically trying to lick up. Blood curdling screaming that cause hair to stand up on end. Lil Johnny is hitting notes that Mariah Carey would struggle with. Help! I consider hanging a white flag out from our apartment window signaling distress. What to do?! Ped office is closed. Dr. Google will know! Frantically we get online and look up solutions. Teethers. Frozen Washcloths. Baby aspirin. Um, ok – what about solutions for me! Little Johnny will make it through alive, I’m not sure if I will. I send the husband to go get wine and teethers. We’re whining in the new year baby. Mr. fussy, our $30 investment of every known teether on the market and my friend Pinot Grigio. Seacrest eat your heart out. Times Square ain’t got nothing on this!

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